Pioneer Q&A

Question:How fast can an this model Pioneer dirt ebike go?
Answer:The top speed of an ebike varies depending on the motor power. our Pioneer model equiped with 1300W brushless motor and three riding modes: electric mode, pedal assist mode, and pure human power mode. this bike can reach speeds up to 32MPH range of 35-50 miles (throttle mode) to 50-80 miles (pedal assist),the range depend on the weighth of rider, the whether and even the wind.

Question:Does the high power output of 1300W mean faster depletion of the battery?
Answer:Actually, high power output does not necessarily mean faster depletion of the battery. This electric bike is designed with a high power motor and a EVS energy battery, which enables it to have a longer range. The advantage of a high power motor is that it can increase climbing ability and easily handle all terrains. In addition, the high power motor allows the bike to have a multifunctional cargo trailer feature, making it suitable for various usage scenarios

Question:Can this ebike handle steep hills?
Answer:Yes, this ebike is designed to handle steep hills about 30° with ease. It has a 1300W powerful brushless motor and 48V 20AH high-capacity battery that provides excellent torque and climbing ability. Additionally, it offers 5 levels of pedal assist to make hill climbing even easier and more efficient.

Question:Are replacement/extra batteries available?
Answer:Yes, the replacement/extra batteries are available. Please feel free to contact Actbest support team if you want to purchase an extra battery or need a replacement.

Question:Can the front headlight provide enough visibility for me to ride at night?
Answer:Yes, our Pioneer model front headlight uses powerful LED lights that can provide sufficient illumination. The headlight is large, as shown in the listing picture, which ensures good visibility and safety for night riding. Additionally, our vehicle is equipped with a safety light system including rear brake lights and signal lights, providing comprehensive safety assurance for your night riding.

Question:How long can the battery last on a single charge?
Answer:The battery life varies depending on the model and usage. Typically, our 48V 20AH high-capacity battery takes 4-6 hours to fully charge and can provide a high range of 5-6 hours on a single charge. The electric mode can travel a distance of 35-50 miles, while the pedal-assisted mode can travel a distance of 50-80 miles.

Question:Is the battery removable?
Answer:Yes, the battery is removable. There are two charging methods are available:
1. Charging directly through the charging port on the bike;
2. Charging the battery externally by unlocking it with a key first and removing it from the seat.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Question:What is the torque rating of the motor in the Pioneer?
Answer:Hello, sorry for the typing mistake. The torque rating of the motor in the Pioneer is 85N.m(max.). Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Question:How to switch between the three riding modes?
Answer:Our Pioneer model electric bike is equipped with three riding modes: electric mode, pedal assist mode, and pure human power mode. You can switch between modes using the buttons on the handlebar. In electric mode, you only need to twist the throttle to drive the motor; in pedal assist mode, the rider needs to pedal and can choose from 5 different assist levels as needed; in pure human power mode, the motor will not provide any assistance, and you need to rely entirely on your own power to ride

Question:Is the bike waterproof enough to ride in the rain?
Answer:Yes, our ebike is equipped with an internal detachable battery that is waterproof, shockproof, and theft-proof, and it also has a nice appearance. Most ebikes use an external battery that is exposed on the bike frame, which is less safe.
Our Pioneer e-bike is designed to withstand rainy conditions(IP54). You can ride it in light rain. But for your safety, please do not ride the bike when you are caught in rainstorming.

Question:What scenarios is this bike suitable for?
Answer:Our Pioneer model electric bike is suitable for use in many scenarios like commuting,Cityscapes,hilly neighborhood , especially those that require crossing bumpy and rugged terrain. Its dual suspension system and 20-inch wide tires provide better handling and stability, while its 1300W motor and SHIMANO 7-speed transmission help you ride