Zcool FAQ

Question:Can a Burley steel hitch be installed on the rear wheel to pull a trailer on the Core bike?
Answer: Yes, we have a quick release tool in the cora box for you to install Burley

Question:Can the front headlight provide enough visibility for me to ride at night?
Answer:Yes, the front headlight of our core electric bike is designed to provide sufficient visibility for night riding. It is specifically designed to illuminate the path ahead, ensuring clear visibility and safety during nighttime rides. With its powerful and adjustable beam, you can confidently navigate through dark areas…

Question:How do you replace the battery. Example take it in to work and just want to take the battery to charge. Is there a video?
Answer:You can find the instructions pictures in the Product guides and documents - User manual (Page27). "Removing the battery: Insert the key, twist it to the right with your right hand, and pull the
battery out with your left hand. After the battery is removed, it can be charged alone with the charger."

Question:does this bike come in different sizes?
Answer:We are sorry that this bike does not come in different sizes but we have different models of ebikes in different sizes. The Core ebike's size is 56.3" x 30.7".

Question:How fast can an this model core commuter electric bike go?
Answer:The top speed of an ebike varies depending on the motor power. our Core model equiped with 500W brushless motor and three riding modes: electric mode, pedal assist mode, and pure human power mode. This bike can reach speeds up to 22MPH, giving you a range of up to 35 miles (throttle)/50 miles (PAS) on a single charge…

Question:Does this bike have a throttle?
Answer:Yes, it has a thumb throttle. There are 3 riding modes including manual, pedal-assisted and pure electric, helps you smoothly navigate through various terrains even mild hilly areas, during commuting, traveling, and sightseeing.

Question:What certifications does your battery have?
Answer:Our battery is UL certified, which is a globally recognized safety certification. UL certification ensures that our battery has undergone rigorous testing and meets international safety standards. With UL certification, you can have confidence in the safety and reliability of our battery. Additionally, our battery is d… see more

Question:Can this bike ride gravel trail?
Answer:Yes, this bike can ride gravel trail. It is for commuting/urban sightseeing/neighborhood exploration, even low-slope terrains.

Question:Can I ride this ebike in the rain?
Absolutely! Our ebike is designed to withstand rainy conditions. It is equipped with an internal detachable battery that is specially designed to be waterproof, shockproof, and theft-proof. Unlike traditional ebikes with external batteries exposed on the bike frame, our design offers enhanced safety and protection from the elements. So, you can confidently ride our ebike even when it's raining without worrying about damaging the battery or compromising your safety.It can also be cleaned normally。