1300w Motor Pioneer Ebike Top Speed Test

1300w Motor Pioneer Ebike Top Speed Test

Electric bikes with higher wattage motors typically have the capability to reach higher top speeds. I recently got the chance to test out the top speed on a Pioneer ebike equipped with a 1300w motor. In this post, I'll share the results of my top speed test on this powerful ebike.

The Pioneer ebike I tested has a maximum output of 1300w and uses a 48V system with a 27Ah battery. The motor provides pedal assist up to 32mph. To find out just how fast this ebike could go under my own power, I took it out on a flat stretch of road with no traffic.

After setting the pedal assist mode to the highest level, I pedaled up to speed and then stopped pedaling, allowing the motor to accelerate the ebike on its own. I used a speedometer app on my phone to track the top speed. Initially, the ebike rapidly accelerated to 23 mph. As I approached 28 mph, the acceleration slowed considerably but the ebike kept gaining speed.

At full throttle, I hit a top speed of 31 mph before the motor assist started to taper off. This is colse to the advertised 32 mph max assist speed, likely because I weigh More than the tested rider weight. The max speed I reached confirms the 1300w motor can propel the bike over 30 mph on a flat surface.

I'm impressed with the Pioneer's ability to cruise at highway speeds thanks to the high-power motor. However, these ebikes are intended for off-road use and I don't recommend riding anywhere near 30 mph on city streets. The Pioneer offered excellent torque and hill climbing capability at more reasonable speeds.

Riders who value raw power and speed should consider an ebike with a 1300w or higher motor like the Pioneer model I tested. Just be sure to limit your speed and ride safely. In future posts, I'll provide more analysis of the Pioneer's acceleration, range, and off-road handling. Stay tuned for more ebike tests!
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