10 things we wish we had known before buying an e-bike

10 things we wish we had known before buying an e-bike

When it comes to purchasing an electric bike, there are a few key things that you need to know to make an informed decision. Here are 10 things to keep in mind:

1. Determine your needs: Before making a purchase, it's important to know what you'll be using the bike for. Will you be commuting to work, running errands, or taking leisurely rides on the weekends? Knowing your needs will help you choose the right type of bike.

2. Consider the range: The range of an electric bike refers to how far it can travel on a single charge. Consider how far you'll need to travel on a regular basis and choose a bike with a range that meets your needs.

3. Think about the motor: The motor is what powers the bike, so it's important to choose one that's powerful enough to meet your needs. Look for a motor with at least 250 watts of power.

4. Check the battery: The battery is what powers the motor, so it's important to choose one with a long life. Look for a battery with at least 400 watt-hours of capacity.

5. Look at the brakes: Electric bikes can travel at higher speeds than traditional bikes, so it's important to have good brakes. Look for bikes with hydraulic disc brakes for maximum stopping power.

6. Consider the weight: Electric bikes are heavier than traditional bikes due to the added weight of the motor and battery. Consider the weight of the bike and whether you'll need to carry it up stairs or lift it onto a bike rack.

7. Check the tires: The tires on an electric bike should be durable and puncture-resistant. Look for tires with a high thread count and puncture-resistant features.

8. Look at the frame: The frame of an electric bike should be sturdy and durable. Look for bikes with frames made of aluminum or carbon fiber for maximum strength.

9. Consider the cost: Electric bikes can be more expensive than traditional bikes, so it's important to consider your budget. Look for bikes that offer good value for the price.

10. Test ride before you buy: Finally, it's important to test ride an electric bike before making a purchase. This will give you a feel for how the bike handles and whether it meets your needs.

In conclusion, purchasing an electric bike requires careful consideration of your needs, the bike's features, and your budget. By keeping these 10 things in mind, you can make an informed decision and choose a bike that will meet your needs for years to come.
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